June Newsletter

June 3, 2022
Planning a mathematics programme - all the documents required are available in the members area if you don't want to have to start working from scratch. We need consistency, challenge and continuity....
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Membership Update

June 9, 2021
The Planning folder has been updated. The curriculum support folders in each of the Year 1 & 2, year 3 & 4 and year 5 & 6 planning folders have all been updated. The support has been organised by strand so you can find what you are looking for easily.....
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Membership Update

May 16, 2021
Teaching Number Sense at level 1. A new resource has been added to the Foundation Section in the teacher PLD folder. Access through the Membership Area - not yet a member then you are missing out on heaps of numeracy resources. Become a member:
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Level 1 planning folder

March 12, 2021
The Years 1 & 2 (level 1) planning folder has been uploaded to the members area. This folder contains an overview plan for year 1 (would include year 0) an overview plan for year 2. Unit plans, curriculum support and student tracking. Use and adapt to suit your circumstances...
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The Year 7 and 8 planning and tracking folder is now uploaded on the planning page of the members area. Containing a two year overview, Unit plans (in word for adjusting to suit you and your students) for each of 8 terms covering level 2 - 4 on each plan. Curriculum content...
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Overview, unit plans, curriculum content and student tracking sheets have been added to the members areas...
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New folder called  level 2 (year 3 & 4) under planning.Contains 2 year coverage plan, 8 unit plans curriculum content support and student tracking....
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