Training & Assessments

All Unit Standard Courses are provided for PassRite Driving Academy as the NZQA registered and accredited Private Training Establishment.

Open Course Timetable

Open courses are timetabled for Auckland and Rotorua (and other centres on demand) around NZ & are available for bookings from individuals or organisations.

  • Assessor course covers u/s 4098 

  • Basic trainer course covers u/s 29692

  • Plan, conduct & review interactive group learning for trainee drivers  u/s 17975

  • COMPETENZ Forklift trainer  - combined course for u/s 7093, 29692, 17975

Custom Designed Courses & Enquiries

The above courses and courses for design & moderation of assessment (u/s 11552 & 11551) can be timetabled to meet client requirements. Other courses can be provided for trainer assessor standards at client request – see the complete PassRite NZQA accreditation via the this link.

If you would like to discuss your training needs or request courses at other venues please email us directly.

PassRite Driving Academy Adult Education & Training Courses

PassRite Driving Academy are NZQA accredited providers for the following unit standards within the area of adult education & training.


  • 4098 Use standards to assess candidate performance
  • 11552 Design assessment
  • 11551 Moderate assessment


    • 29692 Facilitate learning sessions for adults

    • 7093 Plan for facilitation of learning sessions for adults

    • 17975 Plan, conduct & review interactive group learning for trainee drivers

    • 7093, 29692, 17975 offered as combined course for forklift trainers

    Your Facilitator

    Nigel Wilkinson B.Sc(Hons), Postgraduate Certificate in Education, National Certificate in Adult Education & Training (Level 5) is the Trainer / Facilitator for  Adult Education & Training Courses for PassRite Driving Academy. (A NZQA registered and accredited PTE)

    He has over 40 years practical experience in education in UK and New Zealand from schools to adult education & training in a variety of fields and industries. This includes extensive experience in design and writing of learning materials as well as all aspects of training delivery & assessment,  assessment design and moderation.

    Nigel has facilitated many assessor & trainer courses throughout New Zealand. Each course is designed not only to cover the requirements of the relevant unit standard, but most importantly, to include practical knowledge and skills gained over many years experience rather than pure theory.

    Book your next course

    Email Nigel if you require any assistance with the design & writing of training or assessment materials.


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