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Teacher Handbooks

The teacher handbooks have been designed to provide the expert knowledge required by teachers of mathematics to be able to effectively teach within the curriculum range of years 1 to 8.  

Increasing your expert knowledge enables you to be able to respond at a deeper level to students asking questions. This ability will increase student participation in learning and assist them to make sense of what they are learning rather than just trying to remember it.

Dice & Counter Games

Stock Take Sale: 25% of all remaining sets

Each individual set consists of 4 games and are designed to be played with 1 - 6 dice & 16mm counters.

TERM 2 2024 10% off Year Group Bumper Packs

Year Group Bumper Packs are available saving $22.50 for each year group: The year group is a guide to appropriate practice and each pack contains 3 sets with 2 copies of each game. (Total 24 games)

Assessment Screens

The Assessment Screens are a written untimed assessment. They are designed to provide specific information on a student's current mathematical knowledge about numbers and skills in calculating. This enables the teacher to provide a programme of learning to meet actual needs and therefore ensure successful building of mathematical concepts. Two versions are available - odd year and even year - same questions but different in numbers used so direct comparisons for progress can be made.

Register your email address to receive a pre-order form in term four for delivery of the appropriate version (odd or even year) beginning of term one and receive a discount on multiple packs.

Digital marking excel files are available on request via email charlotte@ncwilkinsons.com   This marking system will group your students; give you next steps and suggested learning resources from Maths Aotearoa and Wilkie Way.

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A cost effective way to ensure your teachers are able to access high quality student resources as well as teacher professional support in building teacher knowledge, planning, and assessment.

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Individual Subscription

Become a subscriber to The Wilkie Way website and enjoy 12 months of exclusive content and resources. 12 month subscription via PayPal - $55.00

School & Organisation Subscriptions

Become a subscriber to The Wilkie Way website and enjoy 12 months of exclusive content and resources. 12 month subscription 

Up to 30 students

$60 + GST

31 - 100 Students

$160 + GST

101 - 300 Students

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$360 + GST

501 - 700 Students

$460 + GST

700+ Students

$560 + GST

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