December Newsletter

December 7, 2020
This newsletter looks at the role of the teacher in the mathematics classroom through a diagram looking at a cycle of pedagogical practice to include deliberate acts of teaching, practice time, exploration and discovery....
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November Newsletter

November 2, 2020
This newsletter looks at the difference between learning to do maths and gaining a conceptual understanding of mathematics. ...
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October 2020 Newsletter

October 11, 2020
This months newsletter looks at using technology to support a maths programme. Use technology not be used by technology....
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Maths & Learning Through Play

September 13, 2020
I have uploaded a newsletter in which I wrote an article for teachers/schools thinking about moving towards play-based learning....
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September Newsletter

September 2, 2020
This newsletter looks at Developing the Language of Mathematics and the steps students need to go through to move known language to symbolic language....
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July/August Newsletter

July 26, 2020
This newsletter looks at using historical facts to create a meaningful context . This month looks at the development of a standard unit of time, the invention of a calendar. The first newsletter of the term it also contains graduated problems on the theme of Time....
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