Professional Learning


Designing a Maths Programme

November 3, 2023
What do you need to consider when designing a maths programme. Created from information from Associate Professor Fiona Ell & Dr Lisa Darragh from the Universtiy of Auckland....
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February Newsletter 2023

January 30, 2023
Curriculum refresh: Focus on recommendations for professional learning...
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July Newsletter

June 29, 2021
Understanding what is meant by understanding - a discussion article to make you think about the difference between doing maths and understanding maths. Equally applicable to students and teachers....
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Being a mathematician is not the same as a specialist in the teaching and learning of mathematics, especially at primary level when many of the foundational concepts are not in the adults' (teachers') conscious memory. Charlotte Wilkinson is a specialist in the teaching and ...
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December Newsletter

December 7, 2020
This newsletter looks at the role of the teacher in the mathematics classroom through a diagram looking at a cycle of pedagogical practice to include deliberate acts of teaching, practice time, exploration and discovery....
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Charlotte Wilkinson is an accredited facilitator ACC#654. She works under the umbrella of the Accredited Training Provider Learning Adventures NZ. A training provider set up as a collaboration between independent facilitators....
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