Assessment Screens

January 27, 2021
Thank you Charlotte for the Assessment Screen tool for Level 3 Mathematics. It is valuable in that it clearly shows what the students can do on their own, what they need to learn more about and it has highlighted misunderstandings and misconceptions they may have especially ...
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Members Feedback

September 30, 2020
School: St Mary's Primary SchoolMessage: Work with Year 2/3 class as well as Special Needs Students. I do like the resources that you have. Thank you. ...
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Wilkie Way Resources

July 25, 2020
Thanks Charlotte for continuing to provide thoughtful, valuable and stimulating articles and resources. I look forward to each edition of Wilkie Way. I love how you construct suitable and topical problem solving at several levels, it sparks off new ideas and thinking for how...
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PD Workshops

July 21, 2020
We found the workshops very useful and as always we find Charlotte's approach to Mathematics learning is clear, logical and easily followed.    Aria SchoolThanks a lot for the great PD. I loved it. It's the first time I've really enjoyed maths!   Otonga S...
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Professional Development

July 20, 2020
Charlotte aims to accelerate learner outcomes and student achievement by enhancing teacher effectiveness through the delivery of ongoing, high quality professional development. I have worked alongside Charlotte as the lead teacher of mathematics in my school. I have found he...
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