Set 08 Division Practice 2,3,4,5


Students need to come to understand division as the inverse of multiplication and not as a completely different operation. Students also need to see there is a relationship between division and fractions.

  1. Pairs of Pears: This game encourages students to see the relationship between dividing by two and finding half of the number.
  2. Spending $5 Notes: This is a complementary multiplication game where the students are asks how many fives make an amount?
  3. Diamonds Divided: Students are introduced to the inverse of multiplication, using division. Students may need counters to physically divide but the aim is for students to use knowledge of the x3 multiplication table.
  4. Burglar Fours: This game uses the inverse of multiplication, division. Students may require counters to solve the divisions by grouping or sharing. Aim for students being able to use the multiplication table to solve divisional problems.
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