Set 07 Multiplication Practice 2,3,4,5


Students should have an understanding of the commutative property of multiplication and realise they only have half the number of facts to learn.

  1. Round the Market: A game to practice recall of multiplication by 2. Encourage students to make use of doubles rather than skip counting using the commutative property of multiplication if they are not yet able to recall.
  2. Techno Threes: Students should recognise commutative equations and use work towards recall of these facts.
  3. Fabulous Fives: Students  should be using the commutative law and recall in preference to skip counting to solve the multiplication problems.                      
  4. All For Coconuts: This game introduces a more competitive element with players able to disrupt each other’s play. Students should be working towards recall of the four times table but encourage to use double the twos rather than skip count in fours if required.
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