Set 06 Beginning Fractions


Students are learning about halves and quarters as an equal partition of a region or a set of objects, about halves as a number on a number line, about halves and quarters as operators. They are learning to make the connection between doubles and halves.

  1. Halves and Quarters: Moving around the board, students identify the picture given of a region or a set of objects as representing either a half or a quarter.
  2. Double or Half: Students follow the track and follow the instructions given when they land on an instruction space. Students should be making the connection between knowledge of  doubles and halving a set of objects.
  3. Happy Halving: Students move around the track and find half of a number. The result of halving may result in a whole number or a fraction presented as a mixed number. Students begin to see fractions are a number and have a position on a number line.
  4. Fraction Roll: The result of finding half or quarter of a number is a number from 1 – 6. This game focuses on using a fraction as an operator.
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