Set 03 Addition & Subtraction to 10


Students are consolidating knowledge of basic addition and subtraction facts, working towards recall of these facts. Doubles and pairs to ten are identified as key knowledge that can be used to assist recall of other facts.

  1. Three in a row: Joining two sets by counting all, counting on or recall of facts to find a total. Students need to use logic and reasoning to have the better chance of winning as there are choices to be made with multiple places to put their counter, especially in the early stages of the game.
  2. Double Trouble: Using a spot dice gives children visual support (they can count the spots), using a numeral dice requires students to image the spots and count or use recall
  3. Ten Gold: Moving around the board, in either direction. Can children predict whether they will land on a total of ten? The game focuses the children to look for the pairs to make 10.
  4. Butterfly 10: This game focuses on the missing addend, how many more to make 10.
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